Auditorium Séquoia

Thursday 2 December

08.30      Opening of the welcome desk

09.30      Welcome address
                Xavier Longaygue, Scientific Board, IFPEN, France
               Opening of SimRace
               Ani Anciaux-Sedrakian & Soleiman Yousef SimRace,  Scientific Correspondents, IFPEN, France                            

Session 1 - High order methods on general meshes
Chair: Soleiman Yousef, IFPEN

09.40     Beatrice Rivière, Rice University Houston, Texas, USA
              Discontinuous Galerkin methods for two-phase flows

10.20     Daniele Di Pietro, Université de Montpellier, France
              Hybrid High-Order methods for Darcean flows in complex porous media

11.00     Vincent Perrier, Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, France
              Compressible multiphase flows: modeling and high order discretization

11.40     Alessio Fumagalli, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
              Virtual element methods for domains with curved geometry

12.20    Discussion & Conclusion session

12.30    Lunch

Session 2 - Model reduction
Chair: Guillaume Enchery, IFPEN

14.00    Angelo Iollo, Université de Bordeaux, France
             Parameterized flow interpolation by learning optimal transportation with Gaussian models

14.40    Michel Bergmann, INRIA Bordeaux, France
             Multi-fidelity computations of fluid structure interaction problems

15.20    Pierre-Alain Guidault & David Néron, LMT Cachan, France
             Model order reduction by PGD in nonlinear computational mechanics 

16.00    Olga Mula Hernandez, Paris Dauphine University, France
             Compressed Wasserstein Barycenters and Application to Model Order Reduction

16.40    Damiano Lombardi, INRIA Paris, France
             Tensor methods for parametric PDEs

17.20    Discussion & Conclusion session

18.00- 20.00    Happy Hour, Café Leffe - 2 passage d’Arcole (10mn walk from IFPEN)

Friday 3 December

08.30    Opening of the welcome desk

Session 3 - Mixed precision
Chair: Ani Anciaux-Sedrakian, IFPEN

9.30       Erin Carson, Charles University, Czech Republic
              High Performance Mixed Precision Numerical Linear Algebra

10.10     Théo Mary, CNRS/LIP6, France
              Solving sparse linear systems in mixed precision arithmetic

10.50     Mathias Wagner, Nvidia, Germany
              Mixed precision in Lattice QCD – experiences from QUDA

11.30     Fabienne Jézéquel, Sorbonne University/LIP6, France
              Precision auto-tuning and control of accuracy in high performance simulations

12.10     Lunch

Session 4 - Lattice boltzmann method
Chair: Stéphane Jay, IFPEN

13.30     Manfred Krafczyk, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany
              The Cumulant Lattice Boltzmann method for high Reynolds number and complex flow simulations

14.10     Jonas Latt, University of Genève, Switzerland
              GPU performance of Lattice Boltzmann simulations on non-uniform meshes                                               

14.50     Martin Kronbichler, Technical University of Munich
              A runtime-based comparison of lattice Boltzmann and finite difference solvers for incompressible flow

15.30     Pierre Boivin, CNRS/M2P2, France
              Lattice-Boltzmann methods for multi-physics: weak and strong coupling

16.10     Discussion & Conclusion session